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Extended Media Gallery – Digitizing Ideas

In 1979, Goran Petercol and Damir Sokić initiated the foundation of a section for Extended Media within the Croatian Artists’ Association Zagreb, which gathered mostly those artists who frequented the Art Collective Podroom, especially after its decline in 1980.

It was active as a venue of Extended Media from 1981, when it organized exhibitions intended for all artists whose work showed a certain shift with regard to the traditional disciplines. It was envisioned as a place for meetings, hanging out together, dialogue, for presenting artworks and organizing workshops. There was no unified programme and the collective was based exclusively on the fact that its artists were using the same space and producing artworks that could be classified within the field of extended media, which gave the collective its name. The venue was supposed to offer each individual artist the possibility of controlling every aspect of his or her exhibition, which meant that artists were responsible for organizing exhibitions including catalogues, invitations, security, and even cleaning. Artists received no fee for their programmes, and invitations, posters, and catalogues were assembled by hand or produced in the workshop of Željko Jerman and Vlasta Delimar. In 1984, Mladen Stilinović became the manager of the venue, and it began to operate rather as a gallery, with a specific programme, management, and a modest yet existent budget. Within the Gallery of Extended Media, as the venue was called after 1985, Mladen Stilinović initiated the model of “weekly exhibitions,” which changed their content every Monday. The same model was later adopted by many independent cultural organizations and projects, such as Pilot 04 (2003), the Museum of Contemporary Art, and today’s Greta Gallery. Artists running the Gallery of Extended Media included Mladen Stilinović, Antun Maračić, Edita Schubert, Goran Petercol, Damir Sokić, Boris Demur, Marijan Molnar, Ante Rašić, Milivoj Bijelić, Zlatko Santrač, and Željko Kipke. It has remained in operation to the present day.


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